The Archi #ArchiMate tool is looking for sponsors

archi-logo32Just a short note today. The Open Source Archi Tool used to be supported by a UK University. It isn’t anymore. The university has stopped its sponsoring and Archi’s developer (Phil Beauvoir) has left the university and started an initiative to keep Archi thriving (it is widely used in the world). But he also needs a living. He won’t be able to keep Archi alive unless he is paid in some way. As I have experienced with Edition I, it is difficult to get people to pay/donate for something that is (or in my case ‘looked like’) a free download). So, if you use Archi, please donate an amount that reflects the importance of Archi for your work. And if you use Archi seriously as a business, take out a sponsorship. Remember, in the end “there is no such thing as a free lunch”.

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Why is Stakeholder not a Role in #ArchiMate?

In Plato’s ‘Socratic Dialogue’ Protagoras, Socrates and Protagoras (the great ‘Sophist’) have a discussion on what knowledge and skill is and how people acquire these. I am reminded of that discussion as I am thinking about how to explain my reasoning on the issue of Stakeholder versus Role. More about that at the end. Continue reading

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What is wrong with this #ArchiMate picture?

This is the third time I am writing a post titled “What is wrong with this picture?”. Sadly, I only have this picture and not the explanation that comes with it, but I found it funny enough to put it up for comments. Continue reading

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Reframing #ArchiMate: about the physical domain, layers and recursion

In a previous post, I discussed the first ideas that came from thinking about modelling the physical side of an enterprise, things like printing presses, steel mills, etc., something not directly the domain of ArchiMate (nor EA in general for that matter, it is often all about Business-IT). We can take some of the ideas of that post for a spin and see what happens. Weird stuff, indeed. Continue reading

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The tool support package for Mastering #ArchiMate has been released

Just a short post to inform you that the tool support package for Mastering ArchiMate’s method & style has been released. Continue reading

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A milestone: 100,000 views for this Mastering #ArchiMate blog

Yesterday, (this site) passed the 100,000 views mark.

Birthday-Cake-Pictures-with-CandlesThat is a  milestone I wanted to share with all of you (my readers) and thank you all for reading this blog.

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Modelling Physical Enterprise Architecture with #ArchiMate

Enterprises are not just about IT, and though EA started because of the chaos and complexity in IT, many real enterprises are not just about information. An ‘Enterprise’ Architecture that cannot describe the entire enterprise is not worth its name. So, how would we address this in ArchiMate or how should ArchiMate be adapted to make this possible? Thinking about this led me weird places, e.g. some fundamental issues about the assumptions of ArchiMate (and EA) in general and their origin. Continue reading

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