Thank you, paid users of Mastering #ArchiMate – Edition I

I just sent the following message to all that paid for Mastering ArchiMate – Edition I:

Dear donator to/licensee of/purchaser of Mastering ArchiMate Edition I,

Let me first thank you for donating for or buying Mastering ArchiMate Edition I and I hope you have enjoyed the book. Within the coming two weeks, Mastering ArchiMate Edition II will be released and I am mailing you not only to say ‘thank you’. I also want to tell you that I count your donation as having paid for a copy of the PDF-version of Edition II as well. You get as free an upgrade as I can make it under the new distribution setup.

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What is wrong with these #ArchiMate pictures?

The Dutch are well known for their knack of speaking foreign languages. This seems to be obvious. Where in many countries, people just speak a single language, seventeen million  Dutch, living in a small country (with two languages, even, the second being Frisian which is spoken by a couple of hundred thousand inhabitants), and engaging in trading a lot, need to speak their foreign languages very well to be able to function. This, however, is an urban legend. Most Dutch stumble around when trying to express themselves in another language and what most of them do is produce a hash of Dutch grammar and words that are ‘anglified’ or ‘germanified’ or just throw in foreign words in some sort of jumble. As friendly foreigners still understand what they try to say, the illusion remains. Yes, this post is about ArchiMate, bear with me…

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A Small Puzzle: Which Relation?

While working on something else, I ran into something funny. I would like you to tell me which relation type exists between two elements in the following setup. Continue reading

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On #ArchiMate Certification

The Open Group has set up a system of ArchiMate certification. Companies can offer training and let their students participate in official TOG Exams. Management likes this, they want ‘certified’ Enterprise Architects.

The usefulness of TOG Certification is — I think — limited, and in some ways it may even be counterproductive. Continue reading

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9-Colour Scheme for Archi (Open Source #ArchiMate tool)

Just a quicky: I have published a preferences file for Archi that you can load to get the 9-colour scheme that is use in my book. See the book main page for a link to the preferences file. If you use it, the default object colouring is like this (example):

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Linking #BPMN and #ArchiMate – Draft

On The Open Group London 2013, I presented the link between BPMN and ArchiMate we have designed.

The draft version I have distributed has been removed as it will be replaced by the chapter of the upcoming Edition II of Mastering ArchiMate.

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A Control Framework for Current State Architecture (#ArchiMate) Models

We have a very large Current State Architecture (CSA) model, consisting of 25,000 elements and relations that are also visually maintained in views. Attached to that another 50,000 elements and relations are in a satellite model that has no neatly laid out views but is used to semi-automatically maintain coherence with other ‘models’ in our organisation. Our CSA model was recently formally (internally) audited (yet another step to maturity). Continue reading

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