Christmas 2014 Archi & Mastering #ArchiMate special

Christmas2014ArchiSpecialCroppedThis Christmas, there is a special deal for Mastering ArchiMate. From today until New Years Day, you can buy Mastering ArchiMate Edition II with a discount and at the same time support the development of the free open source Archi modelling tool

The PDF discount is €5. The hardcover discount is €10 (this is a bit complicated as the price depends on your location, but you can trust me it will be a good offer that you get when you enter your details). A purchase of either version of the book via the Archi web site also results in a €5 donation to the good cause (Archi).

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New: The (Mastering) #ArchiMate FAQ

A short notice today: I’ve started a (Mastering) ArchiMate Frequently Asked Questions page on this site. Via the menu or the link just given.

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Black Friday Deal for Mastering ArchiMate Edition II PDF

Just a short note. If you buy the PDF of Mastering ArchiMate Edition II via DPD (see link on the Mastering ArchiMate Edition II book page) on Black Friday 2014 (Friday November 28), and enter the coupon code BFD2014, you will receive a discount of €5 on the normal price of €29.99 (or ±17% off)

EUR_5_obverse_(2013_issue)The coupon code is valid from 28/11/2014 0:00 to 29/11/2014 12:00, time zone: anybody’s guess…


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Modelling networking using the networking concepts of #ArchiMate

The rise of networking form the 1980’s onward may be considered the main driving force of the invention of enterprise architecture, itself a follow-up on what was until then known as system architecture. On the eve of the rise of the ‘softwarification’ of infrastructure (software defined data centers, software defined networks) and the ongoing impact of Cloud-architecture, it is time to look into the modelling of networking infrastructure some more.

ArchiMate has two specific concepts for networking: Network and Communication Path. Network is the element that represents physical networking, as the standard explains, and it gives the following example:

Standard on Network ElementActually, the standard displays it differently, with the middle Network element and both Associations replaced by an arrow on two sides, but my (ArchiMate-compliant) modelling tool does not support that notation (though I can trick it graphically, see below). Probably no user of that (leading) tool ever has used that notation, which tells us already something. Continue reading

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New Enterprise Architecture Column: On Slippery Ice

A short post today. I’ve been asked to write a regular column on enterprise architecture for the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal. The column title is On Slippery Ice and the side bar of that column explains why.

The first column in that series is called Are you an Enterprise Architect? Really? and it is about the role of principles and guidelines in architecture. Have fun.

Note: I will not make a habit out of posting just an announcement on this blog, which should contain posts on ArchiMate. But this is an exception as it is the initial column for EAPJ. I will post announcements of future EAPJ columns on the Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture blog only (next to separate posts on EA), as that blog is about enterprise architecture in general.

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Modelling Homogenous Landscapes in #ArchiMate (Classes and Instances)

This post is about two related things: modelling actual detailed architectures of large homogenous landscapes and the class versus instance issue in ArchiMate. Both are closely related. But before I start out, for those unacquainted with Object-Orientation, or Classes and Instances (the notions are strongly related but not perfectly identical) I will give a very short primer on the underlying concepts.

And if you are new to ArchiMate, please skip this post, it contains non-standard ideas for ArchiMate and it will probably only confuse you; the language is really not that confusing if you learn it first (e.g. by reading the book). Continue reading

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The #ArchiMate Wish List: Junctions for All

Though I like ArchiMate, and I can (except for a few missing things such as Capability) model anything I encounter in the enterprise, I think some changes could make ArchiMate even more powerful. This is the first post in a small series.

Continue reading

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