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What is wrong with these #ArchiMate pictures?

The Dutch are well known for their knack of speaking foreign languages. This seems to be obvious. Where in many countries, people just speak a single language, seventeen million  Dutch, living in a small country (with two languages, even, the … Continue reading

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A Small Puzzle: Which Relation?

While working on something else, I ran into something funny. I would like you to tell me which relation type exists between two elements in the following setup.

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What is wrong with this picture?

As I was looking at materials to review, I came across this diagram:

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Mapping #BPMN and #ArchiMate, first thoughts

ArchiMate is an open standard for modeling Enterprise Architecture. It can be used in many ways. One of these is a good Current State Architecture description: your current landscape of business and IT, coherently modeled with enough detail to be … Continue reading

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Abstraction versus Precision in ArchiMate

We architects love abstraction. Abstraction makes the nitty gritty and complex details disappear. Abstraction makes the unmanageable manageable. Our business colleagues also love it when we produce abstractions. It makes our end products easier to digest. In ArchiMate, you can … Continue reading

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Missing from ArchiMate: (Business) Capability?

One of the most often heard complaints about ArchiMate is that the concept Capability is missing. People often use ArchiMate’s Business Function for Capability as it comes closest. Are they right? And: What is ‘Capability’ and how should we model … Continue reading

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Announcing Mastering ArchiMate Edition 1

I’m happy to announce the public availability (and downloadable PDF) of Mastering ArchiMate – Edition I, a book about the ArchiMate Enterprise Architecture language.

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ArchiMate `Problem Areas’: Business Role

I like ArchiMate, but, being an Enterprise Architect (and thus rather pigheaded), I have my criticisms. In this post, I’ll be discussing what I would call a ‘Problem Area’ of ArchiMate: Business Role.

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Modeling GOFBF

In a previous post, I discussed the structural/behavioural divide in ArchiMate and how it differs from GOFBF (Good Old-Fashioned Business Function, the one where structure encapsulates behaviour). In this (short) post, I’ll show a way to model this in ArchiMate.

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Business Process versus Business Function

A rather tricky part of ArchiMate is the difference between Business Process and Business Function. Both stand for behaviour at the Business Level. Both generally encapsulate in the end the same activities. Choosing between a Business Function and a Business … Continue reading

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