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ArchiMate `Problem Areas’: Business Role

I like ArchiMate, but, being an Enterprise Architect (and thus rather pigheaded), I have my criticisms. In this post, I’ll be discussing what I would call a ‘Problem Area’ of ArchiMate: Business Role.

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Modeling GOFBF

In a previous post, I discussed the structural/behavioural divide in ArchiMate and how it differs from GOFBF (Good Old-Fashioned Business Function, the one where structure encapsulates behaviour). In this (short) post, I’ll show a way to model this in ArchiMate.

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Business Process versus Business Function

A rather tricky part of ArchiMate is the difference between Business Process and Business Function. Both stand for behaviour at the Business Level. Both generally encapsulate in the end the same activities. Choosing between a Business Function and a Business … Continue reading

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On ArchiMate’s divide between behaviour and structure

Archimate is divided into structure and behaviour. Active structure objects (like Business Roles and Application Components) perform behaviour (like Business Processes/Functions and Application Functions) and these behaviours act on passive structure (like Business Objects and Data Objects. This division is … Continue reading

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Modeling Spreadsheet Use

There sits your user, happily typing away in his spreadsheet. A rather large spreadsheet it is, full of complicated macros and code. Our user is a spreadsheet wizard, using a plugin from a remote data service and a lot of … Continue reading

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