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Modelling Homogenous Landscapes in #ArchiMate (Classes and Instances)

This post is about two related things: modelling actual detailed architectures of large homogenous landscapes and the class versus instance issue in ArchiMate. Both are closely related. But before I start out, for those unacquainted with Object-Orientation, or Classes and … Continue reading

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The #ArchiMate Wish List: Junctions for All

Though I like ArchiMate, and I can (except for a few missing things such as Capability) model anything I encounter in the enterprise, I think some changes could make ArchiMate even more powerful. This is the first post in a … Continue reading

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New Book, new blog

The site for the next book “Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture” has gone live. It will take some time still before the book is available, but I will already start blogging a bit about the subject. A welcome … Continue reading

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