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This blog is about ArchiMate®, the visual enterprise architecture language and its use. This blog accompanies the book Mastering ArchiMate. The musings here are a personal opinion and are not connected to any institution, other than that experiences and developments there may end up becoming musings here, though never explicitly referring to the organisation.

Gerben Wierda was, amongst other things, Lead Architect of the Judiciary in The Netherlands, Lead Architect of APG Asset Management, and is now Team Coordinator Architecture & Design at APG. APG manages (Spring 2015) around €425 billion in pension assets for approximately 5 million participants in various pension schemes. APG also includes a separate insurance company (Loyalis) and a nimble small-pension-fund administration company (InAdmin).

He holds an M.Sc in Physics from the University of Groningen and an MBA from RSM Erasmus, Rotterdam. See also Gerben Wierda (LinkedIn).

Gerben is also author of the book: Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture and the accompanying blog. You can contact him as info@masteringarchimate.com or via the form  below.

If you want to stay up to date about his exploits, he announces them on the Twitter account @RnA_EA.

ArchiMate® is a Registered Trademark of The Open Group.

Almost all diagrams in the Mastering ArchiMate book and on this blog (and in other blogs where ArchiMate diagrams are used) have been created with (originally) BiZZdesign Architect and its successor BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio.

7 Responses to About blog and author

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  2. Red Car says:

    Hi Gerben,

    I’m so pleased to have found your blog! I’ve come to the Archimate party rather late in the day. I’m a Business Analyst whose tools in the past have been Control-ES and BPMN.

    But I’m now in a client where there are individual procedures but no overarching processes or coherent process architecture. I now have the task of turning chaos into order (and improvement). I think that Archimate (using Sparx Enterprise Architect) is going to help me achieve this.

    I’ll read your blog (and book :0) and see if this is the case.

    Many thanks for taking the time to write your blog.



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  4. TJ says:

    I need a mentor and I am ready to pay for it. I have bought your book as a start. Do u do any training?


    • gctwnl says:

      I have planned to write about specifics surrounding ArchiMate licensing later in a specific blog article, but in short: to be allowed to give a training with ArchiMate in the name of the training, you need permission from The Open Group to use the trade marked name ArchiMate. They only give that to parties who buy a commercial license for exploiting ArchiMate (minimum $2500/year) and even then, their policy about giving permission seems linked to certification and accreditation of the training. The way I train people (e.g. internally in the financial institute I have my actual day job) does not lead to certification (see here).

      But most importantly: I write books and blogs as a hobby, it is not my living (even if it delivers a bit of side income). I’m also not allowed to do this a lot following the rules of the company I work for and the agreement I have with my employer. So, I have very limited opportunities to give training or provide coaching. I cannot market such training, for the trade mark reason and above all because I do not have the time to do that next to me real job. There are some small possibilities, which I cannot write about here.

      I generally try to answer questions sent by email to info@masteringarchimate.com or info@enterprisechess.com, but when people start to do that in a serious volume I have to tell them I have my limits. It remains a hobby, not a living.


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