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The ArchiMate 3.0 Relations Table…

…has serious, and many, errors. According to my personal analysis, 152 valid relations are missing, and potentially 2941 relations that are in that table shouldn’t be, if the text of the standard is to be believed or if we use some common sense. … Continue reading

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Modelling processes in ArchiMate

ArchiMate is not a process modelling language. It has only limited support for process modelling. That is why I personally prefer to combine BPMN with ArchiMate, but that is not trivial (as explained here and here). In the book there … Continue reading

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Christmas 2014 Archi & Mastering #ArchiMate special

This Christmas, there is a special deal for Mastering ArchiMate. From today until New Years Day, you can buy Mastering ArchiMate Edition II with a discount and at the same time support the development of the free open source Archi modelling tool … Continue reading

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The Archi #ArchiMate tool is looking for sponsors

Just a short note today. The Open Source Archi Tool used to be supported by a UK University. It isn’t anymore. The university has stopped its sponsoring and Archi’s developer (Phil Beauvoir) has left the university and started an initiative … Continue reading

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The tool support package for Mastering #ArchiMate has been released

Just a short post to inform you that the tool support package for Mastering ArchiMate’s method & style has been released.

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9-Colour Scheme for Archi (Open Source #ArchiMate tool)

Just a quicky: I have published a preferences file for Archi that you can load to get the 9-colour scheme that is use in my book. See the book main page for a link to the preferences file. If you … Continue reading

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