Mastering ArchiMate – Edition III


MasteringArchiMateEdition3-frontMastering ArchiMate Edition III is the third edition of a much praised book by Gerben Wierda about the ArchiMate® Enterprise Architecture Modeling Language, which is a standard and a Registered Trade Mark of The Open Group. The book gives an introduction to the language, then goes on to show you key aspects of successful modeling, and many different patterns for its use. From Business to Infrastructure, from Risk & Security to Application Exploitation and Maintenance. While the aim of the book is to teach the language, it often also offers necessary background, so that the patterns can make sense to the reader not familiar with a subject. Thus, it also contains introductions to subjects such as virtualization, bitcoin/blockchain, infrastructure as code, processes versus functions, SOA/API, ESB, Terminal Services, etc. It also contains a short introduction to BPMN in order to describe a linking of both major languages.
Forewords by Marc Lankhorst , the ‘father of ArchiMate’, and Jean-Baptiste Sarrodie, the Vice-chair of the ArchiMate Forum.

Praise for Mastering ArchiMate (all editions)

Some comments from public reviews (mainly Amazon):

  • “I was able to grasp concepts faster when compared to [the] ArchiMate Spec doc”
  • “a bargain at twice the price”
  • “If you want to apply ArchiMate in practice, I know of no better resource”
  • “should be required reading”
  • “boosted my productivity”
  • “a masterpiece”

Read the Amazon reviews for more details and the occasional critical remark.


240 US Letter sized (which is approximately the same surface as A4) pages (including cover), 380 diagrams, approximately 120,000 words.


There are three versions:

  • €26.99 (VAT added in the EU) Full PDF. This PDF can be read with many PDF readers, such as Acrobat, Goodreader, Apple Preview, iBooks, etc.. This PDF has protection turned on against printing and against changing the content (see below), while allowing bookmarks, annotations, and so forth  (though Apple Preview is currently lacking in support for this, so you cannot annotate with it). Volume licenses (e.g. for educational purposes) are available. Contact me.
  • Free Syntax Excerpt PDF. This contains the Forewords, Table of Contents, and first chapter of the book, “ArchiMate Basics”, which explains the entire ArchiMate syntax. Version 2.0 of this explanation was reused with permission by The Open Group and published as a white paper (“ArchiMate 2.0 — Understanding the basics“) as the standard has a definition and not a didactic purpose, so it lacks an ‘educational edge’. While The Open Group has published “Understanding the Basics — An Introduction to the ArchiMate® Modeling Language, Version 3.0“, it has little in common with the 2.0 version apart from the title. This Free Syntax Excerpt is the improved and adapted-to-ArchiMate-3.0.1 version of the ArchiMate 2.0 basic explanation. It is not a small introduction, measuring 56 pages (including cover — 20% of the book, and it is enough to get you started in ArchiMate) and it is free.
  • Hardcover. This one is planned for October 2017. It sold through normal bookseller channels, such as Amazon. It is printed by Ingram in a premium quality on premium paper, above all to make the diagrams maximally readable.

The Full PDF will also soon be available as part of a bundle together with the Full PDF of Chess and the Art of Enterprise Architecture.

Anti-piracy measures on the PDF, personal data

There is no DRM (digital rights management) on the PDF of the book. However, there are measures to discourage piracy:

Image_290When you buy the full PDF, you have to enter your name and email address. This email address is used to send you a download link for your personalised copy. Your name, the email address and transaction info are ‘stamped’ in the PDF at the bottom of the page to make the copy personalised. This looks like this: Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 24 August 11.23.31.png (click to enlarge). This is the (social) protection of the PDF version against piracy. Experience with Edition I has shown that if a copy is freely floating around, less than one in hundred readers actually pay, even if they are civilised people form civilised organisations in civilised countries. Psychologically: people just do not pay if they are free to do this after downloading. Hence, I have to trust you  not to spread your copy around, nor to remove the stamp or protection.

Your data is stored at my transaction provider (DPD, which is very good) and on my systems. As buyers of Edition II have already experienced, I really do not use those addresses for marketing/advertising. There have been 3 messages to announce improvements to the document (two in 2014, shortly after release, and one in 2015) and one to announce the free/discounted access to Edition III (2017). I’ve been good 🙂

Use one of the links below to either buy the Full PDF or get the free syntax excerpt.

Buy Mastering ArchiMate Edition III PDF Get Mastering ArchiMate Edition III Syntax Excerpt PDF for free

Note Aug 24, 2017: everyone who has paid for Edition II after June 14, 2016, has received an email with a download link for Mastering ArchiMate Edition III for free. You are welcome to buy of course, but you do not need to.

Note Sep 03, 2017: All others who have paid for Edition II have been sent a coupon for a 50% discount on Aug 29, 2017. This coupon is valid until Sep 8, 2017.

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